Thursday, 16 April 2015

 My NSB type IV has come a little further. The correct gearwheels from Mikroantriebe are placed in position temporarely on the picture. Aksles have to be made and he two compensation plates (see blog 25 Mars 2010) must be made. I have some 0.25mm PCB that need to be etched. It has no photoresiston it so I have to cover it myself. I try to find the spray called Positiv 20 but I heard its out of the market. Does anyone know a source for this? The wheels in the picture are 7mm finescale (tender?) wheels from 2MMSA. These are an option, but first I will try 3D printing in high detail stainless steel with integral 1mm axle for split frame. These will fit steel wheelrims from 2MMSA
The motor is from China and is Ø5mm. The Trancend memory stick is 12x37mm

About Mikroantriebe
They have for some years produced the gears in Poland. New name is KK Podukcja Mikroantriebe

The unike about this firm (to my knowledge) is that they have a complete program of gears from module 0.1 and up to module 0.5 in brass and Polyacetal POM (nylonlike) And a lot of other useful parts for micro models.

But I have had problems with getting answers from them when I tried to trace a missing delivery of gears I had ordered (It was not their fault). So I now wonder: Are the firm still out there? I hope so.

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  1. Yes, KKPMO are still there. But they are rubbish at managing their email addresses, so they loose emails from customers. Recently, their Ebay account was more reliable than their website for making contact.