Tuesday, 6 January 2015

 Happy new year to all!

Being in the Norwegian wood for a while, I`m out!

After mixed experience with etching, I got interested in 3D printing. This have resulted in a few new parts for my Rena 1900 project: steam NG loco NSB type IV in N finescale 1:160.  But designing for 3D printing have given me some frustrations also. I use Sketchup for designing the 3D files. For a while I have struggled with a drawing comprising the cab and sidetanks. I plan to print it in high detail steel or brass for weight. So far I have not been able to refine the drawing into STL format which is required by the printing companies. I now think all the tiny boltheads may be the problem. But I have succeded to have some other parts 3D printed. Its the splitframes printed in brass and a soldering fixture for holding etched parts together while soldering. This as an alternative for 3D printing the cab and sidetanks. The turned brass boiler in the picture is ok, but I like to try 3D printing also this. Afterall, I need several of those locos. The motor is a 5mm Ø pagermotor that I was lucky to obtain from China. It slides snugly into the boiler. The picture shows the leads popping out of the boiler tube in the front.

The two frame halves compared in size to a 1EURO coin

The soldering mal
With the turned boilertube


  1. Happy to see that you are still modelling!
    I have tried both 3D printing and etching using several service providers, and I will be happy to share any info i have on the matter. Feel free to ask!

    Best regards, Haavaes

    1. Thank you for your comment. It made me look into trainspast (not the first time) As always very impressed wioth your modelling. My STL problems are probably caused by to many segments in tiny boltheads. Ill come back later to report on this .