Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More buildings

It has been a long time since last posting.
I have, when time permits me, worked out dawings for the group of  houses on this picture
(photo Thor Bjerke)
It is a house originally built for four lenghtsmen (=line inspectors, see earlier posting of the plan) with their families and with a shed and a cow barn (left). The cow barn was on the heritage list, but a few years back all three houses were demolished. The lenghtsmens house is built of machined wood log and after some decades, hevily rebuilt and covered with plastering on the facades. Typical for some houses in the area, but still unusual onto logs.

I found this drawing in the archives of ROM Eiendom (former part of NSB), and from the railway museum this photo from the station Rasta further up the line:

It shows the building plastered and with built-in staircases. Originally the staircases were to my opinion open like in my reconstruction:

Next task is to decide on how to build the model. Lasercut card will have problems to define the corners properly. Maybe a thin etch (0.1mm or 0.15mm) overlay over plasticard?. A bit of wood grain can be scraped into the surface with a stiff steel brush after etching, (maybe). Or handmade in plasticard. Difficult corners again. Same with wood/veneer. Like to hear comments on this. Windows, doors and railings  is best etched or lasered.
Oh, ...Yes there are dragonheads topping the apex

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