Saturday, 10 July 2010

In Oxford at last

We made it to Oxford and it was a splendid exhibition. My wife AAsne helped me to exhibit Rena 1900 and snowshed Setesdalsbanen. It was a pity that we could not have any trains moving, but the rolling stock we exhibited is owned by Stein Ragnar Pünther. He built it on Märklin chassis about 20 years ago. It worked then, but Stein has taken a pause from model railways for a while and I have no rights to change his models. In the near future i will go on to make my own locos and wagons. Ill tell you about my results as I go.

We met so many nice people both in the 2mm SA and as public. And we studied so many top quality models. Some very big and very impressing, like Cpoenhagen Fields and some very small like the very cute little oval shaped Golden Jubilee Layout Competition winner Framsden, by David Eveleigh.

I wish I could get more scandinavian N scale modellers interested in finescale. It was nice to meet Kirby from Finland and a young danish N finescale modeller.
We were very well velcomed by the chairmann of the 2mmSA, Nigel Cliffe, thank you, Nigel.

I took some pictures of Rena 1900 at the show:

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  1. Hi Knut

    It was a pleasure to met you at Expo 2mm and talk about 2mm scale modelling. The variety of models on display made it a very interesting exhibition, its a shame we can't have them more often!

    I am impressed with your layout, and the photos posted above show it well. I look forward to following progress in due course.

    Peter Whitehead (Marks Quay)