Monday, 21 June 2010

Oops--one week to goooo....

Time goes fast. After various trouble with making perfect transparens for my artwork for etcing, I realised I had to delay the work with the rolling stock. (design and artwork is ready for etcing of five different small wagons and one loco type IV). I have to rely on the old models on loan from my friend Stein Ragnar Pünther. He made around 1990 three small ng locos based on Norwegian and swedish types. Also he made some goods wagons. All based on Märklin chassis. However these locos are in nonworking condition so it seems I end up with a static diorama.

I now concentrate on making a shorter version of Rena for the 2mm celebration including the stationbuilding with trainshed , two tracks and two points. I try to make a nice setting around it with trees and fields. Later I will expand to the original plan.
So The last few weeks I have concentrated on the trainshed and track ballasting. Connecting the trainshed with the stationbuilding will be a very delicate wooden platform.

Here is the results so far:

Since I now use only half the space I asked for , I may (if permitted)bring another little diorama based on a snowshed from Setesdalsbanen, a preserved 1067 line in the south of Norway
This will be connected later to the Rena 1900 diorama.

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  1. really like the derelict and run down look your pictures convay

    see you at Oxford